THE HONKY TONK HODGEPODGE in Cold Beer, NM is a free-to-attend music festival, now in its 5th year. 2019's Hodgepodge will take place the night of August 2nd from 6pm until midnight & noon to midnight August 3rd at the infamous Colfax Tavern. Camping is available both evenings on the bar's property.

This is the fest's biggest year yet, with 37 acts scheduled to perform over two days ranging from outlaw country to latin funk to dixieland jazz to organ driven rock 'n' roll.

To get to the Hodgepodge, simply take Highway 64 West out of Raton or East out of Cimarron. When 64 hits the 505, you're there (can't miss it).

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In 2012, Elise and Claire Bow, childhood friends of Denver musician Tyler Breuer, tipped Ty and his bud (and Claire's husband) Todd Roeth off about a legendary honky tonk just outside of a ranch where Elise was working near Raton, NM. The idea was to get Ty's rock band, The Knew, to play there. Known to most as Cold Beer, the Colfax Tavern provided a good platform for a couple hours of rock 'n' roll for the dudes in The Knew, but they noted that its dusty floors were really built as a venue for music to two-step to. Breuer met the owner, Mayor Roger (yup, he was the Mayor of Cold Beer, NM) and the two kept in touch, hoping to try to set up something again in the future.

A couple years passed and Breuer picked up playing the pedal steel guitar and made some good friends in Denver's country scene. With a few back and forths with Mayor Rodge, the first Honky Tonk Hodgepodge was booked. Roger and Ty settled on the name "Hodgepodge" since a caravan of bands were coming from Denver. The lineup that year included High Plains Honky, Hang Rounders, The Kinky Fingers, Grayson County Burn Ban, Andy Thomas' Dust Heart, Saul, and Bib Tucker & the Liar's Club. The event was a success and Roger and Ty decided to do it all again the next summer.

The second Hodgepodge took place on August 20, 2016. By then, Roger had vacated office and the most gracious and hospitable Shelly & Danny Quartieri had taken over the Colfax Tavern and very much welcomed the Hodgepodge. The bill nearly tripled in size and featured mostly country, western, and folk music, but also included cumbia and rock. It was during this time that Curt Wallach, Denver musician, talent buyer, and gym rat, became involved in the booking and oversight of the festival. Ty and Curt worked together with a new production team including body-builders Spencer Alred and Stuart Confer to see that both Coloradoans and locals alike enjoyed themselves so much that a third installment would happen. Danny and Shelly were down and a tradition had become official. Between installments, Shelly & Danny built a new outdoor stage, allowing the 2017 Hodgepodge to have 25 bands, including hip hop and jazz. Hundreds of people from both states came, danced, and camped.

In 2018, the party was extended to two days and featured acts from New Mexico and Colorado, but also brought in new talent from both coasts.

This year, we continue our tradition of diversity and inclusivity, and feature our biggest lineup yet (37 acts compared to last year's 35)!

The festival is staunchly DIY, free, and all ages. We are able to keep it free because the performers pitch in and volunteer to run the sound and the organizers put on the Hodgepodge pro bono. Bands are paid from bar sales, but because there are so many acts, it is normally just enough for a couple Alfonso's breakfast burritos and a tank of gas to get home the next morning. That's beside the point. The point is the coming together of different communities for a hodgepodge of music.

Each year, to promote and commemorate the show, stamp-printed posters by Tribune Showprint are made. These are free to participants. The first four years are shown below.


How do I get there?

To get to the Hodgepodge, simply take Highway 64 West out of Raton or East out of Cimarron. When 64 hits the 505, you're there (can't miss it).

What is up with the camping?

Camping is on the premises, either in the parking lots or in the areas behind the stage. We make a little tent-city. Please clean up after yourself. Small campfires are allowed IF there are not burn bans. No firearms. There are porta potties.

Is there food/drink?

Yup. Please buy all of your tasty food/drink inside at the bar. It is mostly bar food with some vegetarian and limited vegan options. Find out more at their website and Facebook page. CASH ONLY!

Note: Outside alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted.

What if I or a fellow 'Podger is not feeling so hot?

We are working with the medical providers from Philmont Scout Ranch staff to be on-site during the festival.

Is the Hodgepodge wheelchair accessible? Is there seating or places to be where there is not music?

The bar and the outdoor floor are accessible, but the rest of the ground is uneven and unpaved. There is seating by the stages, as well as quiet areas if you are looking for a breather from the tunes. Bring earplugs, too, in case your ears need some padding.

Can I bring my kids?


Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but clean up after it and take good care of it.

Who do I talk to about booking?

Who do I talk to about volunteering?